About us

Leeds PhotoHunt is run by Kirsty Ware, who moved to Leeds and spent 3 months taking pictures of owls before she realised there was a world beyond Millennium Square. Kirsty is also involved in other exciting things in Leeds such as:

Foldageddon - origami classes held in the pub! Learn basic models and get help with trickier ones. Contact foldageddon@gmail.com for future classes, workshops or to discuss us helping with your event.

Fold For Peace - folding origami cranes to promote Hiroshima/Nagasaki memorials and other peace events. Contact kirstyware@gmail.com to discuss us putting on a workshop for you, or to attend a crane-folding workshop.

FYI Leeds - a festival celebrating the independent organisations and groups around Leeds. Contact fyileeds@gmail.com for more information or to get involved.

Light Night 2011 - we're currently in discussions about putting on an event for Light Night 2011. Check back here for more details soon.