Friday, 29 June 2012

Leeds Waterfront Festival - Word List

Want to join in with the PhotoHunt this weekend at Leeds Waterfront Festival?

You should find the list of words by clicking here. If you aren't sure how it works, there's a brief guide on there with links to all our sites and do have a read back through the blog if you'd like to know more.

Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Leeds Waterfront Festival 2012

This weekend is Leeds Waterfront Festival and along with all the other entertainment on offer, you can also join in a PhotoHunt while you explore and enjoy.
For those new to PhotoHunt, we give you a list of 50 words and you have to find and take photographs of all of them. Usually there's a time limit, but with the festival being on all weekend, we're letting you have the list so you can explore at your own pace.
You don't have to be a great photographer and the challenge is to come up with creative pictures, but all the words on the list can be found along and around the waterfront walk.
Can you find all 50?
Some are easier than others and we reckon five of them are a real challenge. If you can find all five of the words in capitals, email them to us and there may be a prize for the first one to get all five.
There's also an extra Word of the Weekend. Send us your best picture of that word and the one we think is best will be announced here and on twitter.
The list will be published before the festival, but not too far in advance - we don't want anyone being too keen and starting the hunt early!
In the meantime, check out The Leeds Waterfront Festival website for more details and check back here on Friday for the list and more information.
Any questions, you can reach us on or tweet us @leedsphotohunt

Monday, 25 June 2012

The People's Exhibition: Kirkstall Photo Forest

One of Leeds Photohunt's sister projects is The People's Exhibition; and it's back!

We'll be creating a photo forest for Kirkstall Festival 2012! That's right, a forest!

In the run up to Kirkstall Festival 2012 we’re asking you to take pictures of everything and anything you love about Kirkstall and/or Leeds as a whole. These can be artistic, sentimental, fun, odd…anything goes (so long as it’s legal and family friendly!) Have a look back through the blog for ideas from The People's Exhibition 2011.

These images will be printed and displayed at the festival in our Photo Forest, once again creating The People’s Exhibition of memories and experiences from the people of Leeds.

We need all-new photos to go into the Photo Forest. Think about what you love, go and take a picture of it, repeat for as many times as you like, and send the pictures to us at We’ll upload them to the blog here at and print them out to display in the Photo Forest. On the 14th July why not head to Kirkstall Abbey to take a stroll through our forest?

Please note to be guaranteed inclusion we need the photos by 8th July so we can get them printed.
As always you'll be included in the credits and retain all rights to your picture, don’t worry, we’re not vultures!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

RIBA Photohunt

On Saturday a bunch of intrepid hunters gathered in the rain to take part in the RIBA Photohunt. We know not all of you could make it though, and the weather didn't really comply with great hunting, so we're giving you a week to get out and take photos. There's prizes available for best photos uploaded to the LeedsPhotohunt Flickr Group by Sunday.

The words you need to be looking for (they're all architecture themed) are:

Arched windows
Stained glass
Ceramic tiles
Painted ceiling
Brass doorknob
Marble pillars
Yorkshire rose
Brick chimney
Dedication stone
Hanging baskets
Glass lift
Tiled floor
Gold owls
Blue plaque
Fire escape
Iron rialings
Tiled roof
Domed roof

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Summer Hunting

You may have heard of the the Glorious 12th, a date in August which is the traditional start of the hunting season for Grouse.

Photographs are less restrictive than Grouse. You can hunt them anytime...but next Saturday is a glorious day to do so!

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA are having a festival at the moment and as part of that there will be a unique PhotoHunt, taking in some stunning architecture in Leeds.

Here's a link to the Leeds Architectural PhotoHunt page of the RIBA "Love Architecture" website.

It starts at 1pm from the Museum steps in the 23rd and there's a link for where to register.

Yes, register. Of course it's still free but this one's all official. If you've been intending to make it to a PhotoHunt before but not got around to it, make this the one. It's going to be fantastic!